Real-time marketing attribution

Artificial Intelligence at the service of media effectiveness

Our mission

“Marketing attribution is vital to know the effectiveness of your media plan and artificial intelligence helps us know the real ROI of each euro invested in advertising”.

Nacho Suanzes Chief Strategy Officer de Coinomi Marketing Agency YU digital.

We have built a unique technology on the market

It is capable of reconstructing the entire Customer Journey of the audiences reached with advertising campaigns. Our neural network based algorithm uses hundreds of user level parameters such as; Impressions, clicks, views, behavior, visibility, abandonment rates, times consumed, conversion, non-conversion, product categories, different targets and a long etcetera to perform complex calculations in real time that provide us with the real ROI of the entire plan. marketing, predict their behavior and optimize your media plan to exceed the planned objectives.

Once the personalized algorithms have been created for each advertiser and the media purchasing power has been automated, the expected results are clear:


Savings in half plan

Up to 25% on_

Full stack

Our technology

Coinomi Marketing Agency YU digital It ends the problem of “Last Click Attribution” where many advertisers feel trapped into investing in a single medium. It also offers powerful alternatives for the real optimization of the media plan and its subsequent purchase automation.

Real-time marketing attribution

Our technology is the only one on the market that allows you to individually view all consumers' Customer Journeys in real time and apply our artificial intelligence algorithms to discover the real ROI of all marketing actions.

The powerful algorithm based on neural networks is capable of providing a solution to the attribution of digital and traditional media such as television and radio.

Brand Lift insights

Through integration with Kantar we put you in touch with panels and audiences around the world to help you find the answers you need and make better decisions.

Brand impact metrics measure the real effect of in-market campaigns. We can also isolate creative quality to determine the role creativity plays in brand impact.

AdSever & Dynamic Creativities

The data and behavior of the different targets define the creativity shown to increase engagement with brands. Our technology creates and distributes messages in real time to reach each target with the right creativity and message.

Custom Media Buying Algorithms

The analysis of Big Data and the different marketing sources combined, we are able to create personalized algorithms for any brand and be more efficient in programmatic media buying in real time.

Audience Builder

Through the analysis of the different targets and their relationship with the brands, we build audience clusters to be able to evaluate all marketing actions on each individualized target.


Performance Metrics

Campaign Performance Metrics help us track the effectiveness of advertising investment and how it translates into more sales or conversions.

Performance Indicators


Attribution: Real value of the touch points within the customer journey


Contribution: How actions work together to generate the desired output


Impact on Target and Viewability


Effective visit, bounce rates and interaction times


Behavior of each target


real ROI

Brand impact metrics

They measure the real effect of in-market campaigns. We can also isolate creative quality to determine the role creativity plays in brand impact.

Creativity Indicators

To control the impact of the creatives we include a diagnostic section.

  • Enjoyment
  • Branding
  • Engagement
  • Relevance
  • New information

Brand Indicators

With BLI we will measure the impact that Communication campaigns have on the following brand indicators

  • Brand Awareness
  • Advertising Notoriety
  • Brand favorability
  • Image
  • Consideration
  • Brand Equity: Meaningful & Different KPI’s

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